New parliament Canton Vaud

The reconstruction of the Parliament of Lausanne is situated in the old city of Lausanne.

Ca l’Aranyó audiovisual campus (UPF)

The new urban campus was built on a former factory site, around a new public square. The project involved rehabilitating and enhancing two industrial buildings and some new construction.

Komische Oper Berlin

Premiado mención honor en concurso - Renovación y ampliación de la Komische Oper en Berlín. El proyecto combina el antiguo edificio con una nueva ampliación en un claro gesto arquitectónico. El nuevo edificio forma un bloque urbano con todos los edificios existentes (ópera, hotel y un edificio funcional) y lo cierra por el este.

Rehabilitation of Fàbrica Marfà

The project consisted of rehabilitating a former textile factory as a civic centre and library. The level of intervention was determined by the building’s strong character. We decided to demolish all the non-original buildings to accentuate the main volume.

Can Framis Museum

The museum houses the private collection of Catalan painting of the Vila Casas Foundation in the newly developed 22@ district. The museum occupies Poblenou’s first factory, now rehabilitated, Can Framis.

Barcelona biomedical research park

This project is located on the seafront of Barcelona, in relation with the surrounding buildings. The pioneering biomedical research centre, with an eye-catching shape that is integrated into its surroundings, is a highly complex building.

Rehabilitation of Sant Antoni market

The market of Sant Antoni, built in 1882 by Antoni Rovira i Trias, is one of Barcelona’s most iconic iron buildings.

Santa Lucía university hospital

In addition to medical services, the project also includes sports facilities, shops and leisure amenities for the community. The general concourse is an unheated shade structure marking transition to the inside, extending to the roof where the shops, leisure and sports facilities are located.

INDITEX central headquarter extension

The complex consists of two buildings, the new headquarters building and the adjacent annex building with elevated bridges connecting the two.

Intergenerational complex in Neubrandenburg

1st prize
New building complex in the city of Neubrandenburg Oststadt, to serve as meeting point for children and older people.

Intermodal building at Barcelona airport

The intermodal building is characterized by an aluminium façade that establishes continuity between terminals A and B. The volume of the new building stands back from the new façade and acts as a separate volume, with a double skin.

Massimo Dutti head offices

The new Massimo Dutti head office of the INDITEX Group is a stilt building that frees up most of the ground floor to create parking space. Three courtyards provide natural light to spaces that need it, such as offices or meeting rooms.

Pieter Vreedeplein

Pieter Vreedeplein is an extensive urban renewal project in the centre of the city of Tilburg, in the Netherlands. This complex building is the product of the complexities of its location, brief, diversity of volumes and different alignments.