Massimo Dutti Head Offices

The new Massimo Dutti office of the INDITEX Group has a rectangular floor plan, 220 metres long and 62 wide, completing its geometry with two rounded corners and generating three opaque façades with a few openings, and a completely glazed north-facing façade. The ground floor is a large outdoor entrance space that is open but sheltered, and floors one and two are laid out in the form of a lengthwise strip of service spaces, grouping together vertical communication shafts. Three courtyards provide natural light to spaces that need it, such as offices or meeting rooms. The north strip is an open-plan space, 35 metres wide and 220 long, for product design and development. The south-facing strip situates the building’s main communication nucleus at its centre, optimizing layouts. This nucleus consists of a triple-height foyer with open stairways and lifts. The space receives daylight through a large south-facing opening on the ground floor and a skylight in the roof floor. The rest of the southern strip lays out parts of the brief that need partitioning, such as visiting rooms, showrooms, a pilot shop, e-commerce, etc.

Programme : Tertiary, Offices
Location : Tordera, Barcelona, Spain  
Client : INDITEX  
Architect : Enric Batlle, Joan Roig
Surface : 28.605 m²  
Status : Built