Miquel Martí i Pol gardens

The gardens of Can Framis museum. A sea of ivy covers flowering bulbs that burst into a symphony of colour to accompany the museum. The bulbs flower in a studied monochrome pentagram according to the season (white flower week, red week, blue, violet, etc.). A deliberately old-style garden, where vegetation plays the leading role. A natural haven, a piece of nature within the city in a formal contrast with the surroundings. A somewhat windswept, haphazard look, with narrow winding paths and green metal street furniture that evokes the past, and a slight air of melancholy in keeping with the building. The garden, slightly sunken below grade, with dunes (waves) that screen it from the street, is converted by its masses of flora (ivy, grasses, flowers and trees) into an oasis of silence and calm; it is like being out in the woods. An absent-minded visitor might think that the garden has always been there, beside Can Framis.

Programme : Landscape
Location : 22@, Barcelona, Spain  
Client : Asociación administrativa de cooperación de la U.A.  
Architect : Jordi Badia
Surface : 11.700m2  
Status : Built