Landscape Restoration of the Vall d’en Joan landfill site

Landscape restoration used the mosaic of farmland and woods as its resource, promoting the succession of the site’s primary ecosystems, which will develop and gradually adapt to the environment. This single combined intervention drew on different disciplines (environmental engineering, geology, landscape architecture and agronomy) to create a new place and solve the technical issues of capping the landfill site. The site was replanted with resistant native species that require little water and are adapted to the environment. An open space was created to serve nearby metropolitan areas and provide a new gateway to the natural park.

Programme : Landscape
Location : El Garraf, Barcelona, Spain  
Client : AMB, Entitat Metropolitana de Serveis Hidràulics de la Diputación de Barcelona  
Architect : Enric Batlle, Joan Roig, Teresa Galí (Agricultural Engineering)
Surface : 60 Ha  
Status : Built