FCB Joan Gamper Training Facility

An important intervention for the promotion of sport in Catalonia, materializing FC Barcelona’s old dream of bringing together in one place all of its professional and amateur activities. The entire training facility, from the paving to the construction, is laid out according to a 480m x 480m module to extend or reduce the buildings, housing the brief requested by the Club almost as they were constructed. This unique intervention was designed to be one of the world’s most modern, functional sports complexes. The metallic, translucent complex looks rather like a factory, a corrected and enlarged version of the industrial buildings in its metropolitan surroundings.

Programme : Tertiary, Sports
Location : Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona, Spain  
Client : Barcelona Football Club  
Architect : Enric Batlle, Joan Roig
Surface : Sports complex: 20 hectares (sports use: 135,000 m2)  
Status : Built