Barcelona biomedical research park

This project is located on the seafront of Barcelona, in relation with the surrounding buildings. The pioneering biomedical research centre, with an eye-catching shape that is integrated into its surroundings, is a highly complex building. The brief called for a large volume in a compact building. The resulting truncated cone-shape in Barcelona’s seafront rises from the sea towards the city, while adapting to the neighbouring buildings. The natural wood façade gives the building an air of lightness. The interior is emptied out to create an independent reality that offers views of the sea and regulates the sunlight.

Programme : Research, Educational, Tertiary, Offices
Location : Barcelona, Spain  
Client : The Zona Franca Consortium, Generalitat of Catalonia, Barcelona City Council  
Architect : Albert de Pineda, Manuel Brullet
Surface : 57.866 m²  
Status : Built