GINA Barcelona Architects is an architecture, urban planning and landscape practice. On its creation, GINA immediately became a leading firm in Spain for its ability to deliver superior architectural spaces enhanced by attention to the clients’ need for efficiency.

The initiative came about when ten studios decided to join forces to address the inherent challenges of international projects and tenders. The result, GINA, is better equipped to communicate to our clients an understanding of architecture that is typical of the prestigious Barcelona tradition.

This tradition is marked by an architecture that responds to the environment and function, characterized by quality and attention to the smallest details and their integration into the project.


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Expertise and knowhow

Our members share an ethical commitment to the current global challenges, resulting in proven efficiency in use of resources.
Each GINA partner has developed and built a large number of projects acknowledged by numerous awards and the specialist press. 

Our accumulated professional experience guarantees superior performance in our architecture, urban planning and landscape work.

Projects include hospitals, schools 


and universities, museums, hotels, sports centres, residential areas, shopping and leisure centres, mixed-use urban areas, offices, theatres, prisons and parks, among others.
GINA’s members boast a total workforce of approximately 230 architects.

Based in Barcelona, GINA has a major international presence, represented by partners in Lima, Santiago, Panamá, Bogotá, La Paz, Lisbon, Lausanne, Zürich, Lugano, Milano, Padova, Shanghai, Warsaw, Frankfurt, Berlin, Graz, Luxembourg, London, Copenhagen and Brussels.


GINA Barcelona Architects presents its determined commitment to quality in a distinguished group of architects who have played a role in building Barcelona and united to export our values and talents with the objective of building a better future for everyone.